How do I finance a property and what is the interest rate?

Financing a property with us is extremely simple and very affordable. There is no interest charged, since we simply break down the total price into affordable monthly payments that are auto-drafted out of your checking account on a day of your choice.

Do I need Good Credit?

We do not look at credit at all! As long as you make a down payment and are able to afford the monthly payments, you are on your way to property ownership!

Can I See the Property?

You are welcome to visit the property at any time, just be mindful of neighboring properties. Also, some of our properties are very remote and are best located using a quality GPS, not the maps app on your phone.

Can I Use the Property Before My Final Payment?

Absolutely! This property is yours to enjoy as long as you are current on payments. We only request that you do not build or improve the property until you have paid 80% of your note.

When Will I Get the Deed?

After your final payment, I will issue and file a deed transferring the property into your name.

How Does The Terms Process Work?

How Does the Cash Purchase Process Work?