Miss seeing the stars? Being on an adventure? This Brewster County property is perfect for you.

This is off the grid! You need to get away from the city, ride your ATVs and Dirtbikes, camp under the stars? We got you covered.

Just east of Terlingua ranch and near Taurus Mesa Airport, this is an ideal escape for those that need to get away. 

This property is just a little ways from Big Bend and surrounded by exciting climbing and hiking.

$0 down + $300 doc fee & 50 payments of $122.88($100 loan pmt, $15.88 taxes, $7 service charge)

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Property Details
Assessor’s Parcel Number #: 13781
Property Facts
Address: N/A
County:Brewster County
Lot Number:F294
Legal Description:BLK 214, SEC 21, TR: F294 T&STL RY CO
Parcel Size (acreage):5
GPS Coordinates:29.6359 -103.6489 Degrees
GPS Coordinates (4 corners):NW- 29.6367 -103.6498 Degrees
NE-29.6367 -103.6489 Degrees
SE- 29.6342 -103.6490 Degrees
SW- 29.6343 -103.6499 Degrees
Google Map Link:https://goo.gl/maps/xkpWjZTD3uu
County Website Informtion
County Website:http://www.brewstercountytx.com/
Assessor Website:http://www.brewstercountytx.com/offices/brewster-county-offices/tax-assessor-collector/
Treasurer Website:http://www.brewstercountytx.com/offices/brewster-county-offices/county-treasurer/
Recorder/Clerk Website:http://www.brewstercountytx.com/offices/brewster-county-offices/county-clerk/
GIS Website:http://pandai.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=4856916f3cb041749bc78094eff03292
Phone number for Planning Department:
Phone number for Recorder/Clerk Office:432.837.3366
Phone number for Tax-Collector Office:432.837.6200 x-130 or 131
Phone number for Assessor Office:432.837.6200 x-130 or 131
Property Tax Information
Back taxes owed? If so, amount owed…No
Tax Liens? If so, amount owed… No
Annual Property Taxes $12.81
Actual Property Details/Information
Zoning Link:
Access to property:Dirt Road
Road surface/type:Dirt
Who maintains roads? Private
Terrain type:Desert and mountainous
Closest highways…Highway 118
Closest major city…286 miles / 4 hours 40 minutes
Closest small town…Terlingua
Closest gas station…31.7 miles
Nearby attractions…Big Bend